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My Educational Philosophy

I was recently asked to write down my philosophy of education. I’ve always had my own philosophy of education, but putting it into words was a unique and creative challenge that I relished the opportunity to ponder. I knew that if just sat down and started writing that it would come out, so I did just that. Erika coined me the king of the sentegraph – check out this first one Here’s what... read more

Be psyched about everything?

Be psyched about everything…. what on earth does that mean? It’s simple. It’s my philosophy. I’m the creator of this website, and my name is Todd. The way I see it, the whole point of being alive is to find excitement, joy and love around the things that are a part of our lives. Working as hard as we all do every day, only to end up becoming pissed off when the lawn mower... read more

Thank you for all of it.

It’s important to say thank you and acknowledge the people, things, and circumstances that bring us joy… but also those that bring us challenges and difficulties. If it were not for trials and tribulations, would we really learn much of anything? If one of life’s purposes is to learn from our mistakes—and I believe it is—how could we learn anything without making a few? I am very... read more

WordPress Themes At A Cost

So I’ve been digging around, and there are in fact a lot of really nice WordPress themes available out there that are much nicer than any of the free themes I’ve found. You have to basically jump up from free to roughly $40 to use them, but with some sites, like Elegant Themes, which charge a flat rate, ($39 in their case), so access all of the themes they have created for a period of one year.... read more

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