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Herbie Deggs Hearts Pancetta

Oooo yes I love them so… here’s my recipe for a real crowd pleaser, with just enough gourmet/gourmand dual appeal to get ‘em dancin’ in the aisles. In case you were unsure… Herbie Deggs is not a chef, it’s not even a person’s name… it’s herbed eggs… or herb deggs or… our dearly beloved “Herbie Deggs” (his cousin is Scramble... read more

Fire Roasted Chicken Soup

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten into spicy food lately. Not so hot that my face melts, or I start sweating, or that I’m trying to beat my friends Glen or Eric in finishing a plate of 9/11 Nuclear Wings from the Landing Zone in Harwinton, CT (heya, Cajun Joe!), or anything near to that…. just good, full-of-flavor food with a little good heat on the back end. That said: make... read more

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