WordPress Themes At A Cost

So I’ve been digging around, and there are in fact a lot of really nice WordPress themes available out there that are much nicer than any of the free themes I’ve found. You have to basically jump up from free to roughly $40 to use them, but with some sites, like Elegant Themes, which charge a flat rate, ($39 in their case), so access all of the themes they have created for a period of one year. You have to pay for the next year when it rolls around (via paypal), in order to still have access to all their downloads and members area (which includes readmes and instructions for altering and/or using each theme). you can also just cancel your subscription, and continue to use any themes you’ve downloaded, but cancellation will deny you access from updates (like when WordPress releases an update which requires the themes you’re using to also be updated… so beware of canceling unless you’re sure your theme will continue to work for you (or just don’t update WordPress ever…).

The theme this site is using now, ThisIsBold, from Elegant Themes, is very easy to use, and very easy on the eyes. There’s something about good design. Bad design doesn’t always *feel* bad, bug good design nearly always feels good. This one felt good to me, so I decided to roll with it for a while, and seemed worth the $39 to me. Check them out if you’re looking for some well designed themes, but be aware, a lot of them are very very shiney, and lit up, and attractive. If you’re looking for something subtle and print-like, this is not the theme creation company for you. Let me know what you think of their selection, which are your favorites?

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  1. Todd says:

    I think ePhoto is pretty cool.

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