Thank you for all of it.

It’s important to say thank you and acknowledge the people, things, and circumstances that bring us joy… but also those that bring us challenges and difficulties. If it were not for trials and tribulations, would we really learn much of anything? If one of life’s purposes is to learn from our mistakes—and I believe it is—how could we learn anything without making a few? I am very thankful for ALL of my circumstances, all of my challenges, all of my family and friends, and all of the opportunities I’ve had to learn a great many lessons. Keep ‘em coming! I remember an old adage someone once shared with me: we never encounter anything in our lives that we can’t handle. If we ever wonder how equipped we are to handle oncoming “curveballs”, all we have to do is look at the curveballs themselves, to realize, by definition, what we are capable of dealing with. If it’s in our lives, it’s there BECAUSE we can handle it.” I whole-heartedly agree. This is not to say that it’s easy… it’s not… and that’s the point. Thank you all!

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  1. karmen says:

    dude, you say it better than anyone. you continue to speak what happens to be in my heart, and probably many, as well as your own.
    thank YOU!

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