Herbie Deggs Hearts Pancetta

Oooo yes I love them so… here’s my recipe for a real crowd pleaser, with just enough gourmet/gourmand dual appeal to get ‘em dancin’ in the aisles. In case you were unsure… Herbie Deggs is not a chef, it’s not even a person’s name… it’s herbed eggs… or herb deggs or… our dearly beloved “Herbie Deggs” (his cousin is Scramble Deggs).

Todd’s Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Rolls of your choice (kaiser, bulkie, or pumpernickel or rye bread)
Pancetta (or bacon if you must)
Picante provolone cheese (turns out there are two main kinds of prov at the deli… mile and spicy – the spicy is the one you like.)
Tomato (ugly heirloom tomatoes preferred)
Fresh Chives
Fresh Basil
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic salt
Roger’s ubiquitous spice (only available in Williamstown, MA at Wild Oats Market… you can substitute an Indian spice blend of your choice, or skip)
Beat eggs well in bowl with about a teaspoon of water per egg
Add a lot of chopped parsley, basil and chives to the eggs, whip more (leave yourself some left over chopped basil to top the sandwich assembly later on) add seasonings to your eggs as well, a pinch of cayenne, little bit of garlic salt and a pinch of roger’s
Get a non stick pan nice and hot, melt a goodly amount of butter in
In a separate pan, fry the pancetta like you would pieces of bacon, remove and place on paper towel to soak grease when done
Prepare to get rolls warming in oven or toasting lightly
Pour eggs in buttery pan and immediately turn heat down to 25% of what is was, be ready to start moving the eggs around. Petty constantly and slowly – cook the eggs slowly so they don’t burn and the water in them evaporates and does a bit of steaming to the eggs themselves
Also, add a ton of ground fresh pepper and salt to eggs while cooking
Once eggs are almost done (don’t burn or crisp the eggs!), physically portion them up in the pan and group in piles the size of your roll
Turn egg pan off. Place pancetta pieces on each egg pile, and them place provolone on top of the pancetta and let it start to melt a tiny bit
Once the rolls are lightly toasted, plate them up and apply desired amount of mayo to each piece (could butter one, and mayo the other if you like)
Then gently spatula the egg, pancetta, cheese piles onto the rolls, add tomato slices, add more pepper and salt to taste
Sprinkle some more of the chopped basil over the tomato, close sandwich, serve, ROCK! Get ready to make some more if there are any hungry people in your gang.

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