Winter Wind Howls, Growls

The massive New England blizzard of 2011 has me thinking about the Last Fair Deal song, New England, today. That line “when that winter wind is howlin’ growlin’ all around, you know that sound, it’s something you can count on” mademe go dig up that video we shot here at my studio playing New England live. One of my all time favorite songs to sing with the Deal.

We ran mics and lines into Tom’s Korg harddisk multitrack recorder, and he just burned me a CD master file dump of all the tracks and I brought the files into Logic for mixing. We didn’t do any mastering on the final track just kept it a raw mix; sounds pretty clean.

David Lachman did the shooting, and I did the editing and mixed the multitrack recording we laid down while shooting it. So… no lip-synching here people, just straight up live in the studio music video. Enjoy :)

(by the way, I just launched the site, so I’m trying a number of different methods for posting a video file… it’s probably going to be most reliable to just upload everything to YouTube and then embed their player. The first one is uploaded directly to the site using WordPress’s video/media upload process, and then linking to it. The second is the file on an actual page on teh Last Fair Deal site, which is the one that’s been on the LFD site for a while now. The third is a YouTube embed.)


>> New England Video

>> Link to New England Video on the Last Fair Deal site

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