Books by Todd Howard currently in print:

“GarageBand ’09 Power!” (Course Technology Cengage Learning; June 2009)
412 pages — ISBN: 978-1435454200 Buy At Amazon

Emails from Readers:

GarageBand '09 Power“I’m halfway through GarageBand ’09 Power! (I’m reading it cover to cover, like a novel), and I just want to tell you that I’m thoroughly enjoying every aspect of your writing – your knowledge, experience, insights, and especially your writing style.  I’ve been doing GB projects (both paid and personal) for about 18 months, and your book has been a constant reference companion.” – Robert C., Florida

“Thanks for being a mac GURU!” – Arthur L., Fairfield, Iowa

“I am loving your clear and well-written book GarageBand ’08 Power! I have been playing guitar since I was a kid (now 61!)” – Chris A., Deerfield, Massachusetts

“Thank you so much for your GarageBand ’08 and ’09 books.  I happened upon your book looking up info on GarageBand and podcasting at the library, and was pleasantly surprised to find your book, as I am venturing out into the world of podcasting with a group of my friends. I so much appreciate all the thought, and preparation and clarity of the book.” – Rose K.

“Got your GarageBand ’09 Power! book for Christmas.  Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  GB is such a huge program, it was nice to have a manual to kind of guide me through some of it.” - Larry L., Dallas, Texas

“Thank goodness for your fabulously helpful book, Todd! And secondly, thank you SO much for being so kind as to get back to me via email. I’m recommending your book to everyone I speak to about GarageBand!” – Louanne G.,  Asheville, North Carolina

Works in Progress:

Coming In Early 2011: “GarageBand ’11 Power!” (3rd Edition)
(Course Technology Cengage Learning)

Books Available For Amazon Kindle, or Kindle for iPhone/iPad:

“GarageBand ’09 Power!” (Course Technology Cengage Learning; June 2009)
412 pages — ISBN: 978-1435454200 Buy Kindle Edition

Other books by Todd Howard:

“GarageBand ’08 Power!” (Course Technology PTR; August 2008)
384 pages — ISBN: 978-1598633955 View At Amazon (newer edition available)

Who's Afraid of HTML?“Who’s Afraid of HTML?” (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers; April 1999)
196 pages — ISBN: 978-0123569158 Buy on Amazon

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