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Todd Howard (trainer, instructor, mac expert)

This section covers the training titles I have created, which are available for sale or for download (soon, I plan to have some free Mac tips available for subscription as podcasts via RSS—stay tuned!), and my availability as a private consultant for hire, helping corporate clients, clients in the education sector, and individuals alike, tame their Macs into powerfully creative tools that work for them, as opposed to ankle weights that work against them.

On-Site Trainer, Instructor, Consultant

I have helped literally hundreds of private individuals, companies, students, families, and artists wrangle their Macs, local area networks, software, web presence, digital devices, iPhones, iPads, iPods, laptops—you name it—so that they can get on with business with an ally at their side working FOR them, instead of against them.

I always offer a free initial consultation to see what it is you might need, and try to develop a picture of how my services might be able to help you get the most out of your computer and your network.

Need to learn some new software quickly? Need to know why your Mac is running so slowly?Need to know how to back up your data and files before it’s too late? Already “googled it” and need help parsing your results?!

Do you need to have a reassuring, easy to understand, comprehensive dialogue about your specific individual situation and look at developing a strategy for surmounting your particular challenges with your computer, your network, your employees, your users—the Internet at large??


Software Training Titles

Adobe/Zoom-In Training Podcast Series: Assets in Motion
Adobe "Assets in Motion" podcast series by Todd HowardWorked for 4 months writing and performing an intensive, concise, podcast series offering for Adobe, and Zoom In, and worked with Adobe’s creative department directly to create the 6 part series designed to teach “creatives” how to take their existing digital artwork assets—which may have been created in Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign—and using Flash and Dreamweaver, bring those assets to life with animation, movement, interactivity and websites designed with Dreamweaver. It was featured on the front panel of Adobe Bridge for well over a year, and remains not only available for download, but a viable essay on bringing your existing artwork to life on the web.

Steven Dolan on March 14, 2010… said…
“[This video tutorial] uses CS3 Technology, but it is still very useful, detailed and informative.”

Adobe Assets in Motion Series – by Todd Howard
[Episode 1][Episode 2][Episode 3][Episode 4][Episode 5][Episode 6]

Corel Painter 11 – Facebook Primer for Photoshop Users and Illustrators/Designers (Jan 2011)
5 part series of screen-based training videos for photographers as well as designers/illustrators/concept artists – to be featured on the official Corel Painter facebook page

Microsoft Expression Media and Expression Web
Produced and performed multiple training segments for a larger training package Magnet Media put together for Microsoft in 2010.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: Jumpstart
Mac OS X Leopard in 2 hours…. even if you are using Snow Leopard, this training has a tremendous amount to offer.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS3: Jumpstart
The basics of Adobe Dreamweaver in a 2.5 hour run down. Distributed by Magnet Media and Zoom In Online… I’ll let you know if I ever find a link to where it can be ordered.

Inside iLife ’06
Complete 10+ hour run down on the ins and outs of Apple’s iLife suite of software: iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie, iDVD and GarageBand.

Inside Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (awarded the Videographer “Award of Distinction,” 2006)
Comprehensive 13+ hour DVD training on the ins and outs of Apple’s Mac OS X operating system. One of my most successful titles to date.

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