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Todd Howard is an accomplished musician and performer, and is the bassist/vocalist in the acoustic Americana roots quartet Last Fair Deal, a band that his father Paul Howard co-founded in the early 70s. Todd co-produced and mixed the band’s three most recent releases, “True Tales,” “Cover Stories,” and “6×4=EP”, which he also mixed using Apple’s Logic Pro.

In addition to also being the bass player one of the vocalists in Spaghetti Cake, and High Adventure with childhood friends Glen Nelson, Christopher Eddy, Todd has also written and recorded music with Seattle-based drummer, producer, engineer, lyricist, Don Gunn for over twenty years, and additionally has performed, written and recorded with Karmen Buttler. Todd and his brother Jesse Howard have written and performed as an acoustic harmony-centric duo, Mobile Home, playing original material on acoustic guitar and bass since 1993.

Todd is currently finishing up two album projects for Froggy Hollow Records: Ally Laroche’s “Behind the Couch”, and Bill Bonnell’s “Lift,” both of which he produced, recorded, mixed and contributed bass, piano, drums and backup vocals.

“As Creative Services Manager at Synchronicity/RTSe USA, Todd Howard excelled at transforming our clients’ ideas and aspirations into a web-based reality. Todd’s graphic and communication skills are second to none and I would recommend Todd in any audio-visual endeavor.”
- Jamie Kettenhofen, President and CEO, RTSe USA Inc.

Todd Howard is founder and principal of Howard Digital Media, a northwestern Massachusetts-based creative media development company. The studio takes on projects in the fields of film and video production, DVD authoring, website design and development, music composition and production, and Mac software training. He has conducted training seminars and one-on-one instruction for over ten years on Mac OS X, Final Cut Studio, DVD Studio Pro, GarageBand, iLife, Logic Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, GoLive, as well as on the principles of website design. Also an independent filmmaker, Todd was the producer and co-editor of the independent feature film “The Trouble with Boys and Girls,” which was written, directed and co-edited by his brother Jesse.

Scott Foundas of the LA Weekly called The Trouble With Boys And Girls: “The most engaging, endearing film” in competition at the 2003 Dances With Films festival.

Todd first became a published author in 1999 with “Who’s Afraid of HTML?”, a comprehensive beginner’s guide to HTML, published by Morgan Kaufmann. “GarageBand ’08 Power!” was his second published book, and he is currently working on the third edition of the book, covering the newly released GarageBand ’11. He covered media/tech/film/music for the creative professional’s media culture blog Zoom In Online from 2007-2008, and in so doing, landed himself on the front page of He is the award-winning instructor of four DVD-based training titles for the Digital Media Training Series produced by Magnet Media (creators of Zoom In Online): “Inside Mac OS X: 10.4 Tiger,” “Inside iLife ’06,” “Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Jumpstart,” and “Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Jumpstart,” which were released between 2006 and 2008.

The “Inside Mac OS X: 10.4 Tiger” DVD training title garnered Todd the 2006 Videographer “Award of Distinction.”

Todd currently lives in the Berkshires of Massachusetts with his wife Erika and young son Jude, and enjoys film, traveling, cooking, good serial television, online video games, wordsmithery, improv, puzzle games, learning about anything, and good, long, late-night conversation.

Compliments from Clients and Collaborators

“[Todd] has impressed me with his creativity, conscientiousness, work-ethic, and intelligence. Shortly after our introduction, my company hired him on a consulting basis to write and record a software training DVD project [about Mac OS X]. He demonstrated a diverse set of creative and analytical competencies throughout the project; the following year, we were anxious to hire him again. Not only was his conduct professional and thorough, but to this day—years later—we still refer back to his work with us as an example of how effective a writer/consultant can be. As a small business owner, I’ve worked with employees and consultants of all stripes. Rarely have I had a chance to employ someone of Todd’s caliber.”
- Megan Cunningham, Founder/CEO, Magnet Media, Inc., New York City, NY

Judith King-Murray info ~ at ~
Entrepreneur; Co-Creator of

“Todd, you really ARE a wizard!! Thanks so much.”

Glen E. Nelson glen ~ at ~
Educator & Performer

“Musically speaking, Todd Howard is gifted. His talent and creativity know no bounds. I have had the pleasure to write, record, and perform with Todd for many years, and it is always a rare gift and a pleasure. Professionally, Todd’s work ethic and dedication are unequaled and his can-do problem-solving attitude is infectious. Simply put, Todd is a nexus of positive creative energy.”

Angela Cardinali angela ~ at ~
Marketing and Biz Dev Consultant

“Todd is an incredible resource for a host of media technologies. His website design talents combined with an ability to work with a collection of client profiles, makes him my first choice for web development. His tech support skills are, by far, comprehensive and user-friendly, which is so important for those of us who need a real understanding of how things work. He is true to commitment, flexible with the shifts and changes as projects move forward and ultimately gets the job done on time and within budget. Todd’s knowledge and interest in learning all there is to know about his field, is refreshing and contagious. It’s a pleasure to work with him and I always look forward to the next project!”

Sandra Thomas sandra ~ at ~
Executive Director, Images Cinema, Williamstown, MA

“Todd approaches every project with optimism and enthusiasm. His skills and talents are diverse–from musician to filmmaker, web developer to teacher-and they all fuel his creativity that results in projects that are smart and sharp!”

Zac Dillon ouch31 ~ at ~
Student and Co-director on “The Kids of La Mancha”

“Thank you so much for your guidance and friendship. I can’t stress how much you have helped me develop my skills as a filmmaker, and more specifically, a documentarian. But it isn’t only your filmmaking know-how that I appreciate; it’s your charismatic personality and positive outlook on life that have made you such a pleasure to work with…”

Christopher Beach Eddy ceddy10165 ~ at ~
Graphic Designer, Performing Musician and Songwriter, Freelance Radio Programmer

“In working with Todd, I have found him to be the best kind of collaborator. He comes to the job at hand having done the preparation required to be sensitive to the “bigger picture.” He is positive, has smile on face, and gets the task at hand done with a sense of calm that is only acquired after years of practice.”

Meg Tennant meg ~ at ~
Musician / Songwriter

“Todd has been an inspiring friend over the years. And I couldn’t have asked for a better designer for my music website. He captured everything I had hoped to convey, and developed it into a beautiful and welcoming website full of lightness and love. Todd continues to work with kind professionalism, tireless creative enthusiasm and clear honest communication as my webmaster, and I thank him for all of this!”

Michael Koidahl
Owner/President of Westwind Computing, Seattle, WA

“Todd has consistently impressed our clients, and has always delivered high caliber results when it comes to his class instruction, his one-on-one work with our corporate clients, and his DVD authoring capabilities.”


Vocalist, Bassist (acoustic and electric 5 string), Guitarist (acoustic and electric), Keyboardist/Pianist, Drummer/Percussionist (yay MIDI),
Vocal Arranger, Songwriter, Composer, Lyricist
Filmmaker, Web Developer, Video Editor, DVD Author, Graphic Designer, XHTML/CSS (some PHP/Javascript), FTP, Media Temple Webserver Admin
Love going to hear live music, total film buff, alternative history researcher, world of warcraft  level 85 protection paladin and level 83 marksman hunter
Happily married to Erika and have a young son named Jude. We also have two sibling-cats named Betty and Hugo
Grew up in northwestern CT, but have lived in Seattle, WA; Miami, FL; San Diego, CA; and all over New England


Mushrooms, Olives, Muzak, Mean People, Negativity, Cynicism, Going to bed early, Big Pharma, Chemical Toxicity (e.g., Fantastik®, Bounce Dryer Sheets® and most perfumes and colognes), the horde


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The indie feature film I produced and edited, The Trouble with Boys and Girls


GarageBand 11′ Power!, Third Edition, Cengage Learning: Due out in March 2011!


Who’s Afraid of HTML? (Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1998)
GarageBand ’08 Power! (Course Technology PTR, 2008)
GarageBand ’09 Power! (ArtistPro) (Course Technology Cengage Learning / Hal Leonard, 2009)

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