GarageBand Update

Finally! GarageBand for iPad has been out for a few weeks now, but until today, you haven’t been able to transfer your song projects over to the Mac for continuing work within the full version of GarageBand, or Logic. As of today, that feature will be part of things, in the 6.0.2 update, and the 10.6.7 update of Mac OS X. I’m installing it now and looking forward to moving a couple of my new... read more

GarageBand In The App Store

With the launch of Apple’s new Mac App Store, it’s even more affordable than ever to upgrade to the newest version of GarageBand, bringing you the incredible new features in GarageBand ’11 including Groove Matching and the mind-blowing (in a $15 multitrack recording application!) Flex Time editing. You can purchase and download GarageBand from the App Store, sold separately, for only... read more

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